The H Family- Rhode Island Family Portraits

The weather this summer made it hard to schedule a lot of jobs. This poor family rescheduled four times but I think we got the pick of the summer for the day we chose- just enough wind for the pictures to show their spirit. Check out super-talented Meg's Etsy page for custom jewelry. I've ordered several things and have been so impressed. 

Jen and Weston's Maternity Photos- Cranston, RI Portrait Photography

Overshare time! These are two of my best friends and I'm absolutely thrilled to watch them expand their family. I can't wait to meet Baby R! We saw a lot of weather that night- sun, rain, downpour, clouds, sun again...and it made for the perfect backdrop. Thanks for letting me capture this time for you!

The B Family- Narragansett, RI Extended Family Portrait

My friend Beth called and asked if I could do an extended family portrait as a surprise for her mom while her brother and his family were in town. We met super early the day after 4th of July and while the sun was strong, it certainly didn't stop the smiles. I think it made the "run in the water" pics more appealing :) 

Photos for First Responders- East Greenwich, RI Portraits, Giving Back

Last year, Kate Taylor from Polar Square Designs came up with an awesome concept- let's give back to first responders. I loved the concept but was late to the party on getting involved so I said "2017 is the year!" I got in touch with Kate the second she put out a call and next thing you know, over 16 photographers were out there photographing 150 families for no cost. It was SO awesome. Here's a bunch from different families. I had a blast and hope the families themselves did too!


Braylon and Zoey's Summer Session- RI Portrait Photography

Try to not smile when you see these two together. It's impossible. Bray is just about the coolest kid you'll ever meet and "Zo Zo" is the definition of toddler chic! The two of them together are so much fun. I always revel in how laid back mom is-- she goes with the flow and I think that's why the kid's portraits are always fun. She doesn't say more to them then we are going to have a good time taking photos. Easy peasy! 

Brian- East Greenwich, RI Headshots

Brian and the team at Pariseault Builders do residential and commercial construction as well as historic renovations. His wife wanted to give him the gift of a portrait to add to their wall at work. It's family tradition that everyone has a headshot. I love that! I think it's a great way to remember your history while moving forward with a business. Best wishes, Brian! 

Elliott's Lifestyle Newborn Session- Rhode Island Portraiture

This is the second time I have traveled to the F family's home to take photos of them in a more relaxed newborn session way. I like newborn sessions in home because I think it gives them a different feel- especially when siblings are involved. They can happily play with their toys while I photograph little bro! Here's some of my favorites from this session. 

The M Triplets Graduate- Rhode Island Senior Portraits

We took advantage of the blue skies and warm temperatures in May to do some senior photos for these great kids! The three of them are graduates of Cranston West and off to URI and New England Tech in the fall. They had a great relationship with each other and laughed from start to finish. Best wishes to you all as you start this new chapter!

Tara's Mother's Day shoot- Cranston, RI Portraits

What a cool mama! Tara makes it seem like having three kids is the easiest thing in the world. If you follow her Instagram @taracceleste you will see them jet setting around RI going to folk festivals, food trucks, quilt museums, donut shops and a lot of libraries. Tara's husband, Matt, is the owner of my favorite photography studio (other than this one, of course!) Blueflash caters to the simple, romantic and modern bride. You will never see two shots the same with that crew. Matt and his team go out of their way to create unforgettable portraiture. I was lucky enough to be a guest at a wedding he photographed this weekend and we were viewing the portraits at the wedding. The bride and groom couldn't believe that during dinner, they were already seeing their ceremony and formal shots. A-mazing. But enough already...kick back and enjoy their cute family photos! PS- Tara made her dress. 


The C Family- Stepstone Falls, RI

Howard and Thea were really excited to do these family photos at Stepstone Falls in Exeter. They knew about it from when they did their engagement photos and we excited, one 14 year old and puppy later, to do some family portraits there. I love the photos of them together by the falls but the woods, even this late spring when nothing had bloomed because of our crazy weather, still looked pretty! Who knew moss was so colorful?!