The Celeste Family- Cranston, RI Portrait Photography, Cranston, RI Family Photography

I love these people. Seriously. Matt did my awesome Mother's Day photos, which you can see on his blog.  Side note: If you need your wedding photos taken, check out Blueflash. You won't be disappointed. Matt's got a ridiculous eye for detail, color and fun. While we were out for my session, I asked if they wanted a few family photos. They were game and conveniently, I had my camera with me (mostly because I knew Tara would wear something adorable and striped and I couldn't pass up the photographic opportunity. She is just so darn cute all the time). Ezra, their son, had found a giant stick that somehow managed to make its way into their family photos. As I quoted that day, "Speak softly and carry a big stick during a family photo." What I love most about these few photos is that they are real. They are squirmy toddlers, grinning babies, doting dads and laughing moms. That's what photography is all about. The here, the now and the opposite of a perfectly posed, everyone-sitting-still photo. I've shot family photos for Tara and Matt three times and they said they loved these best because they are the Celeste family. Just as they are.  IMG_7021