The C Family- Cranston, RI Family Photography

Matt and Tara, the brains, beauty and creative forces behind Blueflash Photography, do a family photo swap with us each year. For about a month leading up to it, we exchange all kind of emails that say things like, "Where should we do this?" "I don't know. What do you think?" "I'm not sure. Ask Tara." Then we ask Tara, and she says she isn't sure. LOL. It's tough to find a spot that suits both families, isn't too crowded and has a chance for multiple looks. We ended up in Warwick at Rocky Point and LOVED it. Matt, Tara, Ez and Finn are a great family to work with because they are easy going and happy to have their pictures taken. I think we both go into these sessions with the expectation that we trust each other's judgment and we know they are photos of us, just as we are now. So, if the kids cry or they aren't into standing in one spot, we go with it. Emmett spent half the session running in circles but Matt still got great photos. I guess you just have to embrace the "anything goes," when working with toddlers. I will take candid, fun, laughter and sun flare over posed any day and I'm glad the Celeste family does too! IMG_8568