Fall holiday sessions- Part 2

One night in, probably January of last year, I had this idea to do some outdoor photo sessions with a camp fire. Creating this set with young kids around is not something I take lightly so I had a team of people who helped get this together and helped supervise (big shout out to my husband who, despite the chilly temps, worked up a sweat keeping that fire going. Also big thanks to the Boy Scouts, not only for the camping spot, but for teaching Eagle Scout Bryan how to keep that camp fire stoked LOL). This set was probably the most fun my team (Kate, Alicia and I) have had because it was fun to get the props, fun to make the props, and fun to logistically figure out how to redirect the entire day's sessions around 300 campers (a small unexpected twist). Overall, the day was perfect and although I won't likely replicate the exact scene again, it will be a favorite for quite some time.