Flashback Friday- Cranston, RI Portrait Photography

Each year, just as it gets nicer out, Bryan and I host a day of cooking out and lawn games. Here's Aram from last year. He's our resident kangaroo. If there is something to jump off, jump over, etc., he's there. The last picture if of my friend Jon- he's wearing my hat. That's why it is resting so peacefully on top of his head.

Flashback Friday- the cold edition! Cranston, RI Photography

In weather like this (meaning kind of warm but with the sad knowledge it will be cold again soon!), I feel it's necessary to think of warmer days. I don't do a lot of landscape stuff so these are just some pictures I took last spring and summer.

Flashback Friday- Victoria + 3! -Cranston, RI Family Photography

Lynn is a co-worker of mine and years ago had Victoria. She loved being a mom and decided to try for another....and then the triplets came! They are so much fun to work with because each child has their own distinct personality that they play off of one another. Here's a picture from the day that I loved.

Flashback Friday- Cranston, RI Portrait Photography

Sometimes I try to be proactive and end up failing. I have been creating Flashback posts a few days ahead of time....and now I forgot to post it yesterday. Oh well! Today's feature comes from a trip I took with friends in December. Matt is a HUGE ham. He loves to play it up for the camera, which is right up my alley. Enjoy!