I Heart Faces- Black

This week's challenge from I Heart Faces must feature the color black but not be a black and white photo. I chose this one because I thought the dark edges of the forest we took this in really added a mystical quality.  What's really interesting is directly in back of me was the beach and it was the bluest sky and ocean ever. Those mysterious trees changed the whole look and feel of the photo but then we were able to turn around and go back to sunny beachy skies! Amazing!

I heart Faces- Let's Hear it for the Boys

Oooooh, my Jackson. I had this idea for a shaving session and luckily Jack's mom was on board with how I wanted to execute this....until life got in the way and we were behind schedule on all the big plans.  So, improvise we did. Me, the 5dmkii, 24-70, one flash, one stool and a lady's razor. End of story! I'll do a separate post of the rest too :)

I Heart Faces- Bright and Vivid

I had a few pictures in mind for this week's topic of bright and vivid but this picture of Eva and Cameron won in my head. I think the judges at I Heart Faces would laugh at the amount of thought I put into choosing my picture each week- you might think I was going for the Pulitzer! I Heart Faces has helped me really look at my photography in a different way- anyone out there looking to stretch their ability should head on over!

I heart Faces-People's Choice!

I love Facebook for the mere fact that I get to reconnect with alllll kinds of people that I knew in high school (the band people, the people-I-was-in-class-with people, and so on) and their spouses and their children and their mom and dad...etc. It's been a wonderful thing for me. Cari and I knew each other way back when and then she saw pictures I did with Amy, who is her best friend now and my childhood best friend and it all came full circle. She is having a baby in July and wanted to commemorate this special time. I was honored to do so.

I heart Faces- Motherhood

This week's I Heart Faces challenge is about motherhood in honor of all those hard working moms out there! This picture was taken of my best friend Kate and my godson (and favorite subject) Jackson. To me, motherhood is sharing in the joy and excitement of seeing something new through a child's eyes. Jackson was so excited about this acorn (there was a progression of pics before this- him running towards her, so thrilled to show mommy this awesome piece of nature) and to see Kate interact, she acted like this acorn was the most precious and important thing she had ever seen. That's motherhood- the molding of curiosity and joy in new found things.

I Heart Faces- Photo Challenge- Pets

There are those moments in photography when, for whatever reason, the stars align and the sun hits right and boom- you have a picture that you are pretty certain you couldn't get again if you tried hahaha! Not only do I LOVE these two dogs (they belong to two very good friends and are brothers from the same litter) but they were so well behaved. More of them can be seen here and here.

I heart Faces-Innocent Wonder

I had a super time photographing this little guy yesterday and while there were puppets, props, blocks, balls and toys galore, he was more interested in my lens. While we were trying to get a pic with Henry and his dad, he was inching a little bit closer and closer..... The next pic was his hand over the lens. Oh the wonder!