Brian- East Greenwich, RI Headshots

Brian and the team at Pariseault Builders do residential and commercial construction as well as historic renovations. His wife wanted to give him the gift of a portrait to add to their wall at work. It's family tradition that everyone has a headshot. I love that! I think it's a great way to remember your history while moving forward with a business. Best wishes, Brian! 

Kate Caito Parties- Party Planning and Cranston, RI Photography

My good friend, Kate Caito, has started up her FB page at I've photographed a few events she has done and she has helped me at a few events I have done. If you are ever looking for something innovative, different and food to be talked about for months to come, she is your person. Between planning, catering, design, she does it all...think of it as from centerpieces to croutons to crudites. Here are some pictures from some events she has done: