The E Family- Cranston, RI Portrait Photography, Warwick, RI Family Photos, East Greenwich, RI Children's Portraits

I really love Mt. Hope as a setting and I think this family hit it out of the park with outfit choices! Are you looking to update your family portraits in 2018? Contact me today! I am currently booking outdoor portraits for April and beyond. 

The H Family- North Kingstown, RI Portrait Photography, Cranston, RI Family Photos

Wow! The difference in weather we saw within the hour we took these photos was crazy. Rain, clouds, sunny, was a little nerve wracking for me because we were using a private home for the shoot and I wanted to make sure we got done what we needed too. In the end, it worked out awesome because of the variety of looks the weather gave us!

Tara's Mother's Day shoot- Cranston, RI Portraits

What a cool mama! Tara makes it seem like having three kids is the easiest thing in the world. If you follow her Instagram @taracceleste you will see them jet setting around RI going to folk festivals, food trucks, quilt museums, donut shops and a lot of libraries. Tara's husband, Matt, is the owner of my favorite photography studio (other than this one, of course!) Blueflash caters to the simple, romantic and modern bride. You will never see two shots the same with that crew. Matt and his team go out of their way to create unforgettable portraiture. I was lucky enough to be a guest at a wedding he photographed this weekend and we were viewing the portraits at the wedding. The bride and groom couldn't believe that during dinner, they were already seeing their ceremony and formal shots. A-mazing. But enough already...kick back and enjoy their cute family photos! PS- Tara made her dress. 


B is One- Cranston, RI Portrait Photography, RI Children's Photographer

This cutie gave mom and I a run for our money! She was not sure about the fuzzy rug and the lights but once a few toys came out, it was all smiles. Happy birthday, B! It was great to meet you!

The H Family- Foster, RI Family Photography

This family- love, love, LOVE them! Cooper is my little guy's best bud and Alicia is my work best friend! We have more laughs throughout the day. I feel really lucky to enjoy my "day job" and still get to have a photography business on the weekend. All of my clients are flexible in helping me make this work. Alicia is really creative and we scouted locations and thought about it for a long time. On a whim, I said, let's go to Foster! So she and Wayne drove around and found some cool spots. However, our favorite setting of the day was a dead end dirt road. I took one of my favorite mother/son shots there. I always look forward to photographing the same families over and over because they just grow more comfortable with the process. We walked away with tons of shots this time around- here are a few faves!


Suzi and Matt are Married- Cranston, RI Wedding Photography

I never post weddings to my website...mostly because my main job and passion is photographing children but every now and then I am asked by a friend or friend of a friend to photograph a wedding and I am so honored to do so. Suzi is a very close friend of mine (her sister is one of my partners in crime, Kate Caito) and she wanted me to photograph her wedding but still be a guest so I thought about how to make that happen. Then I thought of the wonderful Dawn Temple and asked her if she would like to embark on this journey with me! I was able to photograph Suzi getting ready, her first look and some formals and then I did a quick outfit change and became a guest! It was the best of both worlds. I love you, Suzi and Matt! Now, Suzi, go finish reading your book so we can meet for sushi and have book club! 

Fall holiday sessions- Part 2

One night in, probably January of last year, I had this idea to do some outdoor photo sessions with a camp fire. Creating this set with young kids around is not something I take lightly so I had a team of people who helped get this together and helped supervise (big shout out to my husband who, despite the chilly temps, worked up a sweat keeping that fire going. Also big thanks to the Boy Scouts, not only for the camping spot, but for teaching Eagle Scout Bryan how to keep that camp fire stoked LOL). This set was probably the most fun my team (Kate, Alicia and I) have had because it was fun to get the props, fun to make the props, and fun to logistically figure out how to redirect the entire day's sessions around 300 campers (a small unexpected twist). Overall, the day was perfect and although I won't likely replicate the exact scene again, it will be a favorite for quite some time. 

Fall holiday sessions- Part 1

I wanted to offer something a little bit different this year so I went with a more urban setting for my Rhode Island holiday mini sessions. Normally I have a more rural farm setting but I know from personal experience with my own engagement photos, how much the city adds to a photos. The skyline, the buildings, the colors-- they make for a beautiful palette. Each family had their own style and I just really enjoyed seeing their personalities shine through. 

Click the arrows to scroll through several families and their portraits! There's quite a few- hard to narrow down such fun family photos!