The H Family- North Kingstown, RI Portrait Photography, Cranston, RI Family Photos

Wow! The difference in weather we saw within the hour we took these photos was crazy. Rain, clouds, sunny, was a little nerve wracking for me because we were using a private home for the shoot and I wanted to make sure we got done what we needed too. In the end, it worked out awesome because of the variety of looks the weather gave us!

A's Senior Portraits- RI Senior Photography

I work with Aaron's mom so I was really excited to be able to take his senior portrait. He is just months away from making Eagle Scout, which is such an honor. I loved being able to take his yearbook portraits! Congrats!

The H Family- Rhode Island Family Portraits

The weather this summer made it hard to schedule a lot of jobs. This poor family rescheduled four times but I think we got the pick of the summer for the day we chose- just enough wind for the pictures to show their spirit. Check out super-talented Meg's Etsy page for custom jewelry. I've ordered several things and have been so impressed. 

Jen and Weston's Maternity Photos- Cranston, RI Portrait Photography

Overshare time! These are two of my best friends and I'm absolutely thrilled to watch them expand their family. I can't wait to meet Baby R! We saw a lot of weather that night- sun, rain, downpour, clouds, sun again...and it made for the perfect backdrop. Thanks for letting me capture this time for you!

The B Family- Narragansett, RI Extended Family Portrait

My friend Beth called and asked if I could do an extended family portrait as a surprise for her mom while her brother and his family were in town. We met super early the day after 4th of July and while the sun was strong, it certainly didn't stop the smiles. I think it made the "run in the water" pics more appealing :) 

Photos for First Responders- East Greenwich, RI Portraits, Giving Back

Last year, Kate Taylor from Polar Square Designs came up with an awesome concept- let's give back to first responders. I loved the concept but was late to the party on getting involved so I said "2017 is the year!" I got in touch with Kate the second she put out a call and next thing you know, over 16 photographers were out there photographing 150 families for no cost. It was SO awesome. Here's a bunch from different families. I had a blast and hope the families themselves did too!