Family Portrait on Ice- Cranston, RI Family Photography

Angel and Matthew wanted to have a family photo taken (and yes, I did just photograph them three weeks ago!) and they knew of a time and place where everyone would be together- the tasting for their wedding dinner! Prior to going, they stopped by for a portrait and our original idea was to have them sitting on a stone wall. However, thanks to the weather and plowing, the stone wall is under about 6 feet of snow. So, we improvised. A garage door, a hill of ice and a black sheet. I love a family that can roll with the punches and they most certainly did- they were funny and laughed the entire time. As Angel's mom said, "We like the natural pictures." Well, that's good because so do I! At a later point, I will post some "outtakes" from this session because Matthew and his dad were very funny!