Lawson and Cooper- Cranston, RI Children's Portrait Photography

Lawson and Cooper are two adorable brothers that made ME smile through the entire session-- Lawson sang to Cooper quite a bit and insisted on having "Coop" in almost all the pictures (although he did seem to enjoy a little Lawson-only-photo-time, especially when given some bubbles and a chance to run around). Now that the warmer weather is here, this is what I love- an opportunity to spend times with kids in an uninhibited way- running (Lawson challenged me to a race), laughing, having fun and eating candy. I gave Lawson a huge lollipop and unfortunately, it lost a part of it before we got pictures but I think it's fair to say he was content to eat what was left! And Cooper? He was content to take it all in and give us a few beautiful smiles. Thanks Jenn! It was a fun afternoon!