Shout Outs and Photos for Joe-- Cranston, RI Portrait Photography

I have to take a moment to give some well deserved compliments to some special people that have helped me along the way. First off, I never, ever, ever thought I'd do anything with photography besides take pictures for my own happiness. Then, I was looking for an art credit and ended up in a photography class- like good, old fashioned photography in a darkroom! After that, my friend Kat Parys, used to take me to the darkroom at URI and we would photograph the insects and put them up under special microscopes to see the detail. Then, Kelly became my model whenever I needed it and then Deb asked me to do some photos for her...and then Janis...and then nothing. I probably put my camera down for a good few years as I began teaching. Teaching has, at times, overwhelmed me with work, and left little time for other things. Probably back in 2006, Bryan bought an Olympus camera to take with him on his business trips around the country. I fiddled with it and played around and took some pics but when it was time for me to choose a wedding photographer, I knew that the hours I spent on other people's websites had renewed my love for the camera. Finally, I was given a great opportunity to work with some awesome people for weddings (go Jen and Kendall!!). Since then, I have forced myself to never use program or auto, to always assess the light, to look for fun angles, to mess up and be human. I've had numerous friends that have supported me and promoted me to their friends. Their belief in what I do was amazing (especially Kate and Diiiiiii). I have also been lucky to have Bryan with me each step of the way in looking at all those little business pieces that go into making something that was once just a little vision, a full blown reality. And let's not forget mom and dad and Deb, my in laws- Greg and Kathy as well as my sister in laws- Erin and Sara and Todd, my brother in law...or Toots with the sewing machine...their giving freely of their time and talents has allowed me to realize mine! I'm not even sure they all knew that their positive encouragement was pushing this idea, in its infancy, forward.

.....And, why, oh why am I typing all this? Well, it's been an idea of mine for a while and I'd like to launch a side project in my brother's name. He was always such a talented artist and loved all things creative. In losing him, I found that the pictures I had were SO important! I want to give back in his honor! Jon Collier has been a huge help in getting this project launched and Atlantis Technology in Massachusetts has graciously hosted the site. I hope you'll join me at some point and let me capture your family 1/1000th of a second at a time. Let your happy family memories also be a way to help others! Here's the link: Joe was a man unlike others and what's wonderful are the memories I have of him, of the photos I have of him and the opportunity I have to help others. From today on, if you would like part of the money you pay me to go towards helping others, mention Photos for Joe and help give back.