Wall ideas

Now that digital pics are so convenient, it is easy to have the memory card/folder/disc and then never do anything as far as printing out large pictures for a wall display. There are so many awesome sites out there to help you figure out sizes and organization of photos, so I thought I would share them. Of course, I am not one to talk considering I only have one of my wedding photos enlarged. However, I can share a quick little pic of a setup I did for literally $35. The shelves at IKEA were $8 a piece and I bought packs of frames. I ordered some 5x5 photos and used a few I already had and there it is-- a quick display of some photos on the wall of my office. Note my awesome light up palm tree.

Some sites to check out (and I know a few photos are extreme with about 50 pictures being displayed!):

There are lots of others out there if you search for Wall Display Guides. If you need any help or would like to work on ordering a bunch whether prints or canvas, drop me an email at steph@spmillsphotography.com.