Kathy and Devin- Sudbury, MA Wedding

My good friend, Jon, is not only a great photographer but he's practically Stephanie Mills Photography's one man advertising campaign/PR firm. He's helped me get this website done, helped me launch my side project Photos for Joe in honor of my brother, and does me the favor of suggesting my name to people looking for a photographer. Rewind a few months and Kathy, Jon's co-worker at Atlantis Technology (not to be confused with my awesome husband's Atlantis Pool Service) said she was looking for a wedding photographer. She lives in CA but planned her wedding long distance. Jon put the two of us in touch and we quickly became friends. Kathy even sent me an invitation to her wedding with a +1 and told me when my time taking pictures was done to just enjoy and have fun (which I did, to the tune of two desserts including an Its It. Don't know what that is? Imagine two oatmeal cookies stuffed with ice cream and then dipped in chocolate). Kathy and Devin embodied what a wedding should be-- low stress,  full of smiles and over-the-top love. They married in Kathy's hometown church and then had the reception on a horse farm in Sudbury. The weather was perfect and as the sun sank lower in the sky, we did our formals and it was awesome.  I wish Kathy and Devin a lifetime of happiness in their new hometown of Oakland!

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