The Caito Family- Cranston, RI Family Portraits, Cranston, RI Christmas Portraits

I love this family. How could I not? They are the first family I photographed as SPMills Photography. They have entertained my desire to photograph their kids, their dog, Kate's food (she's an awesome cook), their yard since I love the sunlight, etc. etc. etc. They could have told me and my camera to get lost since I'm always up in their grill with my lens (Ben actually asked if you can go blind from a flash...maybe? How's your eyesight Ben?) but instead they have encouraged me and referred me to their friends. That really makes me reflect on how much of this job is based on people giving you a special gift- the gift of their time, their special family moments and their trust in believing that I can capture their family in the best way possible. Thanks guys! I promise to pay for your LASIK someday! IMG_9207