An Hour- Cranston, RI Lifestyle Portraits

If you like candid photography, you've probably read something about "lifestyle portraits." What are they exactly? Lifestyle photography is capturing the every day- it's not posed, it's real and in the moment. Lifestyle photography shows life as. it. is. The wonderful part of lifestyle photography, in my opinion, is that it isn't meant to be perfect and it fits every type of photography. You can do a lifestyle newborn session, a lifestyle maternity session- or my personal favorite, a lifestyle children's session. This "session" is near and dear to me because it is my little boy. I've had this idea in my head for a while. I want to document an hour from Emmett's life on any given day. I purposely shot in black and white and used a high ISO to get grainy portraits. This may not be everyone's style (some people might ask WHY you would want grain but for me, it was a vision for this session and I felt it added a classic vibe to it). Most of this session was done in one room. There was a lot of natural light so I then moved Emmett to a spot where there was less light and I could hide behind some chairs. This allowed me to shoot from almost pitch blackness and helped me increase my ISO to get the photos I wanted. Here it is- an hour in the life of E-man.