Winter Portraits- Cranston, RI and Rhode Island Children's Portraits

Although it is so cold out that I insist on warming my car for the three minute drive to work, there seems to be no stopping my outdoor sessions in November, December and January. You might think it would not be an ideal time of year for portraits but I've had lots of luck in the cold weather. First of all, kids LOVE to play outside and this gives them an opportunity to do so for a little bit. I've also had kids who thought it was the coolest to get to take their coat off for a few pictures. I mean, really, who is allowed to go out in the cold with no coat? That's good stuff! Also, the snow makes for a beautiful background. Here are a few cold winter pics that I've done to show how pretty the "brrrrrr" of January really can be! I'm currently booking outdoor portraits at a location of your choice. C'mon! Let's get out in the snow!