Ella is One- Cranston, RI Children's Photography

Jen went on a wild goose chase because we had this idea that this photo shoot HAD to have a giant lollipop. Jen could not find one at four different stores but what we realized, soon enough, was that we didn't need the lollipop. There were plenty of other fun things outside and inside the studio that captured Ella's attention-- one of them being Emmett :-D He flirted and gave her a flower. Cue the awwww now. Ella is a few months younger than Emmett but was adorable as she toddled around him while he sat, enjoying his last few days as a crawler. Ella's outfit was perfect for the weather and the jelly shoes made Jen and I reminisce about the late 80s and how everything goes around and comes back around again! Happy birthday, Ella! IMG_1228