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I truly believe that without my friends, this passion of mine would never have developed into a business. Giving back is a small way I can show my appreciation. Amy has been a friend of mine since I was about two years old. We have the best stories of all of the dumb things we tried to do-- I mean, c'mon, who doesn't try to make a tin can phone to connect two households that clearly have a real working phone line? Five years ago, Amy and Ken welcomed Natalie into this world and soon discovered she would require extensive heart surgery for a rare congenital heart defect. Since then, they, along with Natalie's brother, Ryan, have worked tirelessly to bring awareness to the Mended Little Hearts of RI. Their annual walk is June 8, 2014 at Colt State Park. Stephanie Pavone Mills Photography is giving away a free mini-session to one lucky winner! Please donate to Natalie's Heart Walk and you will automatically be entered to win. The link to donate is: