Zach and Mike- Jamestown, RI Wedding Photography

I rarely post weddings-- partially because my business is built on family and children's photography so I don't do a lot of weddings. I really only shoot them for people I know or referrals I receive from Blueflash Photography. Let me state a fact: I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING WEDDINGS (especially when I work with Kate Caito Parties). The reason I don't photograph more weddings is more about time. The fact that I work a full time job and have a family and do a lot of children's work makes it tough to fit it all in-- it certainly isn't from my lack of wedding love or the joy I get from taking photos of such an amazing occasion. I often refer wedding inquiries to Blueflash because they are so phenomenal but I miss weddings when I go too long in between shooting them. When I was invited to be a guest at Mike and Zach's wedding, I asked if they would mind if I brought my camera. They were excited because they didn't hire a specific photographer. They knew friends and family would bring their cameras and that would provide the coverage they needed. I asked them to pose for a few for me and I'm happy I did. The setting, the couple, the LOVE that was present there will not be forgotten. IMG_2332-Edit