Suzi and Matt- Providence, RI Engagement

Most of the people who read my blog are family and friends (Hi gram!). Last year, I decided to take a break from weddings and focus on my children's work. I love weddings but weekends with my little guy are very important to me right now so I haven't committed to anything beyond what I already had booked. However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to continue doing engagement sessions. I mean, love is a wonderful thing (had to get some Michael Bolton in there any way I can)! Suzi is Kate's sister and Kate designs most of my sets and creates my smash cakes. Suzi and I are fellow audio book lovers and enjoy going for half price sushi at any opportunity. We had this whole day planned and ideas for sessions and then BAM. The wind overtook us and we practically blew over to new locations. Wandering Providence was fun though- lots of color, beautiful blowing hair and a great sky! I can't wait for your big day and to work with Dawn Temple. IMG_8615