A and K- Cranston, RI Engagement Photos

Oh fall foliage and golden sun set, you were so good to me for this beautiful couple's engagement photos. While the leaves were perfectly on fire with their color, these two and their love for one another stole the show. 

Suzi and Matt- Providence, RI Engagement

Most of the people who read my blog are family and friends (Hi gram!). Last year, I decided to take a break from weddings and focus on my children's work. I love weddings but weekends with my little guy are very important to me right now so I haven't committed to anything beyond what I already had booked. However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to continue doing engagement sessions. I mean, love is a wonderful thing (had to get some Michael Bolton in there any way I can)! Suzi is Kate's sister and Kate designs most of my sets and creates my smash cakes. Suzi and I are fellow audio book lovers and enjoy going for half price sushi at any opportunity. We had this whole day planned and ideas for sessions and then BAM. The wind overtook us and we practically blew over to new locations. Wandering Providence was fun though- lots of color, beautiful blowing hair and a great sky! I can't wait for your big day and to work with Dawn Temple. IMG_8615









Wes and Jen- Rhode Island Engagement Photography

Ok, this is my #sorrynotsorry moment of 2016. There are a lot of pics in this post. It's hard to put into words how much of my photography business I owe to my husband and Weston, his business partner. They have put hundreds of hours, nails, laminate floor pieces and creative ideas into helping me make my studio. I can say with 100% certainty that if it were not for both of them, I would not be doing what I am. So, when Weston met Jen, I was kinda planning their engagement pics from their third or fourth date on. I met Jen early on and knew she was the right choice for Wes. We took a little road trip and ended up at Smith College to use their botanical gardens and true to what usually happens- the best laid plans go away. There were so many other cool spots that we never even made it there. I know their personalities shine through in these photos because they smile ALL the time when they are together (unless you ask how Jen's cat is. Then she smiles and Wes rolls his eyes. Not a cat person but LOVES HER ENOUGH to let the cat live with them hahahah). Enjoy! IMG_5305
















T and D are Engaged- Cranston, RI Engagement Photography

I thought about taking some time off from weddings to focus on children's work-- and then Trish got engaged. If you thought you could never find another person who enjoyed "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire or Michael Bolton as much as me, you thought wrong. We teach together so when the two of us are "on stage" together-- well, watch out. She keeps me laughing throughout the day and I knew we'd have a great time doing engagement pics. Dan loved the idea of doing the photos at NYLO, since that is where he proposed. We knew we needed one more special thing to make the pictures pop- so we asked our other friend Sue if we could borrow The Judge and it was just what we needed. Here are Trish and Dan-- including in front of a rusty bridge that Trish found, thus landing her a new job as my "location scout." IMG_1965












The B and G Family- North Kingstown, RI Family Photography

When Julie asked me to photograph her family, she also asked if maybe we could do a few of her brother and his fiancé. I really loved photographing them at a location near and dear to them-- the Wickford Yacht Club, where they are members. The sky was perfect that day and they enjoyed spending time together as a family before Chris and Amy flew back to sunny Florida. IMG_0922














Olivia and Tony- Providence, RI Engagement Session, Rhode Island Engagement Photography

Olivia and Tony contacted me for some engagement pics here in RI this spring. Their wedding will take place in New York but they wanted some save the date photos. Olivia ordered the most adorable sign for their dog to wear during the photos and were really smart in bringing a friend to take the pup when the photos were done. Then it was time for us to really have fun. We took advantage of all of the nice spots at India Point Park- especially the trees in bloom. It was a beautiful session and I loved Olivia's dress. I wish them all the luck in the world as they plan their big day!





IMG_0118 IMG_0042






Chelsey and Josh- Cranston, RI Engagement Photography

Beware. This post is full of photos. I can't help it. We had so much fun taking them that it was hard to narrow it down. Chelsey has done my nails for quite a few years and we have been talking about photos for just as long. She and I consulted a lot about what we were going to do for her engagement photos and with a few simple props, we really captured some great moments. We did find out, however, that if you open a bottle of white wine in the woods, you will attract every bug in a two mile radium. Just a warning for every wine lover out there :) IMG_0203














Mary and Ryan- Tiverton, RI Engagement

There are some people that you meet and you just click- pun intended. Mary and Ryan are those people. I really connected with Mary through several emails and then heard my good pal and photographer, Matt Celeste of Blueflash Photography fame, knew her from the bank. He quickly tried to steal her away but I won. Sorry, Matt. :) Mary has kept me informed about her wedding next year and I'm really excited to photograph it- especially since she has told me she is hand making all of the darling little details! I can't wait!







Alison and Eric- Middletown, RI Engagement Photography

WOW! I loved this session. Eric and Alison are avid hikers so we trekked in some mud in Middletown to get these shots. It was mid-morning and sometimes you catch the light in the trees just right, resulting in one of my favorite photos I've taken. I just photographed their wedding two weeks ago so stay tuned! IMG_5533



IMG_5412  IMG_5441



Renee and Le Shawn- Rhode Island Engagement Photography

Whenever I receive an inquiry for an engagement session, it's fun to plan because it is such a departure from children's work. The posing is different, the mood is different and the tone of the photographs is different. I loved this session because I enjoyed how in love Renee and Le Shawn are but also how their bodies naturally posed themselves. When you have two people very in tune with one another (and some pretty dramatic clouds), it's fun to see the end results! IMG_9495






Beth and Mike- Rhode Island Engagement Photography

Two more teachers! I love being able to capture the love between a newly engaged couple and I love it even more when I have lots to talk about with them. Beth and Mike are getting married in Oregon next year but are working as teachers in RI. They wanted to capture some of Rhode Island's unique attributes and incorporate it into their Christmas card/Save the Date. They had adorable props and were a breeze to photograph. They also had two different looks for their photos which proves that layers = a great idea for fall photo shoots!

Jessica and Jimmy- North Kingstown, RI and East Greenwich, RI Engagement Photos

Jessica and Jimmy contacted me from their home in Texas about doing some engagement photos when they were home for the holidays. Jimmy's family is in CT, so they graciously met me here so I wouldn't have to drive too far (a little over five weeks until the baby is here!) We had such a great time together. I could tell they are so in love and excited to start their life together. Jessica is going to school to be a teacher so we had lots to talk about over email prior to her visiting and Jimmy just started medical school. I am also designing an album for them- they are going to use it as a signing book at the wedding. Thank you, Jessica and Jimmy, for taking the drive up. It was a pleasure!


Megan and Chris- Rhode Island Engagement Photography

Megan and Chris came to see me for some engagement photos and knew just the place they wanted to go-- the beach where they got engaged a few months ago. We met on a WINDY and SUNNY morning and had a lot of fun. It was such a pleasure to photograph two people who are laid back, fun and brought their compression socks as a prop. I told Megan that when you are pregnant and they tell you to wear compression socks, it's just not as cool as when you wear them because you're an athlete! Megan and Chris, you two, are very cool. I can't wait to photograph your wedding next year.

Ryan, Erin and Michael- Cranston, RI Engagement and Children's Photography

Erin called me to do Ryan's 18 month portraits but they are also getting married (and guess who the lucky photog is?!) and wanted to do a few engagement like shots. It was a perfect sunny day to take the time to relax with this great couple and have some fun. Now the countdown is on for their awesome wedding!

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Kerry and Ruben- Cranston, RI and Brooklyn, NY Engagement Photos

Kerry and Ruben did me the biggest honor- they chose me and drove here from NY to have their engagement photos done. Kerry grew up in RI but has long been re-located to lots of different places. They currently live in Brooklyn and in three weeks will marry Ruben in the Azores (side note- I should have offered free wedding pics in exchange for the trip, ha ha!) Ruben is from Portugal and they are honoring his heritage by having a gorgeous destination wedding.