The M Triplets Graduate- Rhode Island Senior Portraits

We took advantage of the blue skies and warm temperatures in May to do some senior photos for these great kids! The three of them are graduates of Cranston West and off to URI and New England Tech in the fall. They had a great relationship with each other and laughed from start to finish. Best wishes to you all as you start this new chapter!

The Crudale Family- Cranston, RI Portrait Photography

Melissa, looking fab-u-lous, after just having had a baby, called me to do her daughter's three year old photos but wanted a few of the baby and a few family portraits as well. The late afternoon sun at their beautiful home made this session a breeze. Melissa is one of my favorite teacher colleagues and one of my first clients so it's always a treat to be asked to take photos time and time again. IMG_2523







The "D" Family- Cranston, RI Family Portraits

The "D" Family came up from CT on a cold day but we were determined to make the most of the weather which was crisp and sunny and still had no snow on the ground! The kids were awesome and we shuttled them back and forth to the warm car in between their "solo" shots. These photos definitely made me smile while editing because they were so filled with personality and charisma!

Give me twenty minutes... Cranston, RI Children's Photography

I've been practicing the fine art of the "20 minute toddler session!" I've come to realize that you've got about three minutes of actual "posing" time (if you consider "where would you like to stand?" posing) with two year olds, ha ha! Amy, my oldest friend from back in the 'hood of Scotland Road, has two adorable munchkins (that we actually bribed with munchkins) and we worked some magic to get fluffy snowflakes during our twenty minute session. This is my third session with them so in addition to feeling like they've grown up before my lens, I am so fortunate to know that Emmett has some buddies-in-the-making with Natalie and Ryan. One can only hope they come up with dance routines, tin can phones and a music band with homemade instruments like Amy, Rob and I did way back when.

The "C" Family- Cranston, RI Portrait Photography and Cranston, RI Children's Photography, Cranston, RI Christmas Photos

I think that being a teacher is one of the greatest jobs in the world (photographer, a close second!). I work with the nicest people and have had the opportunity to capture my colleague's kids time and time again. It's such a honor to know all of these people outside of the classroom, especially after seeing the magic they work in the classroom. Diane was the first person at my new school to reach out and want to collaborate in the library with me so this one is extra close to my heart. IMG_0081  IMG_0106






Corey, Jill and Leo- Rhode Island Family Portraits

On the brink of the hurricane, this fearless family met up with me at the park for some photos. They were so relaxed, having lots of fun and Leo did a great job posing. Sometimes three year olds become shy but Leo was a pro- he gave me some signature smiles and we did a whole shoot before one drop of rain from Sandy arrived. Thanks guys...and welcome to RI!

Shea and Violet- Children's Portraits Cranston, RI

I have loved watching these two grow up. Violet was born a few days before Emmett so Marissa and I have had lots to talk about. I think these two are absolutely beautiful and Marissa and Matt do an excellent job of coordinating their outfits. :)


Gabriella Turns 2!

Melissa is a good friend of mine and also a colleague. She is the type of teacher you want your own children to have. We also worked together at the public library, so I've known her for many years. She asked me to do her daughter's 2 year old pictures and we got absolutely beautiful weather at one of my favorite spots- the museum at Roger Williams Park. Armed with a tutu and tiara (and several wardrobe changes), Gabriella was ready to rock! I can't wait to see her outfit at 3 years old! :)  


I Heart Faces- Black

This week's challenge from I Heart Faces must feature the color black but not be a black and white photo. I chose this one because I thought the dark edges of the forest we took this in really added a mystical quality.  What's really interesting is directly in back of me was the beach and it was the bluest sky and ocean ever. Those mysterious trees changed the whole look and feel of the photo but then we were able to turn around and go back to sunny beachy skies! Amazing!

Avery's 6 Month Portraits- Cranston, RI and North Providence, RI Portrait Photography

Avery is such a joy to photograph. She's really easy going and allows her mom to dress her in several outfits per session, which is good because her mom has a flair for buying the right clothes to capture many different moods, feels and holidays! This last session was a combo Christmas card, Halloween, one dressy and one casual outfit session. It was great. The sun was coming down at just the right time and I was able to do some family portraits as well. I can't wait to see what Avery's mom cooks up for our next session!

Babies, Babies, Babies- Cranston, RI Photography

I've been on a baby photo shoot kick! What's great about children's photography is that you always get to do one or more family shots and see the lovable interaction between a mom, dad and their child/children. No matter what, families are always willing to do whatever it takes to get their child to smile- whether it's silly faces, jumping up and name it. I don't think anything is too strange, since I'm usually on the floor with them acting just as funny. Because I have been a little bit behind with the changing over of my website, I hope no one will mind a little slide show of my newest shoots (ps- it goes on to a second page so don't miss out on little Avery!) :)

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