Jen and Weston's Maternity Photos- Cranston, RI Portrait Photography

Overshare time! These are two of my best friends and I'm absolutely thrilled to watch them expand their family. I can't wait to meet Baby R! We saw a lot of weather that night- sun, rain, downpour, clouds, sun again...and it made for the perfect backdrop. Thanks for letting me capture this time for you!

Tara's Mother's Day shoot- Cranston, RI Portraits

What a cool mama! Tara makes it seem like having three kids is the easiest thing in the world. If you follow her Instagram @taracceleste you will see them jet setting around RI going to folk festivals, food trucks, quilt museums, donut shops and a lot of libraries. Tara's husband, Matt, is the owner of my favorite photography studio (other than this one, of course!) Blueflash caters to the simple, romantic and modern bride. You will never see two shots the same with that crew. Matt and his team go out of their way to create unforgettable portraiture. I was lucky enough to be a guest at a wedding he photographed this weekend and we were viewing the portraits at the wedding. The bride and groom couldn't believe that during dinner, they were already seeing their ceremony and formal shots. A-mazing. But enough already...kick back and enjoy their cute family photos! PS- Tara made her dress. 


Lisa's Maternity Portraits- RI Maternity Photos, RI Maternity Portrait

Lisa is one of a kind. I've described her as the type of person who would whittle you a boat out of sticks if she knew that's what you really wanted. She's thoughtful and generous and the type of teacher you want all children to have. She is due in September with a little girl and wanted to do some maternity portraits with her husband and son on the beach since she was married on the beach. I was happy to oblige and sunset made for a great time of day. I asked if she was open to going in the water and she was so I was thrilled to jump right in with her. Her husband was a sport too- I made him come in and hold my flash :) Congratulations, B family! I can't wait to meet her! IMG_0008-Edit











Kate- Cranston, RI and Rhode Island Maternity Photos

Kate is the mama to quite possibly the most photographed kid ever. And with baby #2 on the way, this one is sure to follow. Last Sunday, while the guys watched the Patriots, we took a spin down to Edgewood in Cranston and did some photos around the area. The sun was just coming down and we shot until dark. I know it's tough for pregnant ladies to be up, down, sitting, standing, on rocks, on benches and more, but Kate did everything I asked! Thanks Kate! Looking forward to the new little one. Auntie Steph has her camera all ready.

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Julie- Rhode Island Maternity Photography

Julie is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She is due with her first baby next week and when we went to lunch the other day, we took a few minutes to capture a couple pictures for her to remember this time. She told me she would be brave and let me put them on my website. Thanks for letting me take these- it was an honor!


Cari and Gary- Cranston, RI and North Kingstown, RI Maternity Pictures

Well, even though their baby was technically "at" the shoot, I couldn't put Cari and Gary with the other post I did today about babies! They needed one all their own- Cari and Gary picked Wickford for their maternity pictures and they turned out perfectly. The lighting was beautiful and Cari's outfit brought out her radiant green eyes! You could tell how excited they were to be expecting a new baby (who coincidentally, was born last week! Congratulations!) and Cari's mommy instinct came out when she saw a duck in distress- it turns out the duck just had a nasty little quahog that clamped on his foot but he was soon able to wiggle it off :) Overall, it was a perfect shoot and I wish you guys many happy, sunny days ahead with your new little bundle.

Janis and Joe- Cranston, RI and Narrangasett, RI Maternity Photos

Baby Roma should be arriving in a few weeks and Janis and Joe wanted to commemorate the journey by doing photos in Narragansett. One idea Janis had was that she wanted her favorite wedding photo to be recreated with her pregnant. I think it was an awesome idea. From here, I could see them recreating the pose when Roma is here and for years to come. Although it was cloudy and threatened to rain at any point, we had a great time.